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Winter/spring 2021 Guest Demo Artist Schedule

Stay tuned for our Fall 2021 Demo Artist Schedule coming soon...

The Chemainus Art Group is thrilled to host a guest artist at our first Meet-Up of every month (2nd Wednesday of the month). It's always inspirational when our guests talk to us about their work, do a demo or lead a work-along. Here is what we have planned for the Winter/Spring Meet Ups for 2021. 

January13  - Richard Wong


Richard Wong is a professional wildlife artist living in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  His watercolors on Japanese art paper are popular. For more information about Richard go to:

February 10th - Nick McMaster


Nick McMaster of Cinder and Sea is an accomplished painter, woodworker and carver, miniaturist, tattoo, and commission artist.  He has a passion for wild life and is able to work in several styles and mediums. Nick will be demonstrating a large canvas painting, as well as how to incorporate value ranges to make elements standout.  He will also be showing how to incorporate motion to painting to give them life.  

To learn more about Nick go to

March 10 - Patt Scrivener


Using a variety of mediums and mark making tools Patt will demonstrate how she starts her paintings with playfulness to achieve a juicy background. She will show us how to use the backgrounds to clarify and complete a painting. 

To learn more about Patt check out her website at

April 14 - Laurel KarJala

Laurel Karjala.jpg

Exploring line, shape and colour with a FineLine applicator, brush and pen. 

I will be demonstrating how I use a FineLine applicator with acrylic paint on canvas. In my search for ways to use line, colour and shape in my landscape work, I moved from coloured pencils and felt pens on paper to using acrylic paint, a brush and a metal, needle like applicator to draw and paint on canvas. I work from my photographs of Nanaimo's Buttertubs Marsh and sometimes, just for fun, I focus on making marks on canvas, just to see where they will lead me. 

May 12 - Sara Robichaud


“VIRTUAL ARTIST TALK - GOLDEN DEMO for Chemainus Art Group In this unique virtual lecture demo, presented to the Chemainus Art Group. I will share essential methods from my own art practice using an array of GOLDEN products. I will deliver a process-based artist talk taking you on a digital journey through my “art history” stopping to demonstrate pivotal techniques while I relay specialized information. Along the way I will touch on my artist philosophy and the conceptual underpinnings of my work.”

June 9 - Alison Watt


.Alison will be presenting TEA, MILK, HONEY: How to build depth and drama in your paintings? It's all about VALUE. Alison will take you through the simple process of building layers, (in a botanical subject) starting with wet in wet and moving through a series of values, wet on dry.

Alison Watt is a painter who lives on Protection Island. She teaches watercolour, acrylic, and mixed media in her garden studio and online. Find out more about her at

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