February's Challenge: Passion

Updated: Mar 2

“Your task? To work with all the passion of your being to acquire an inner light.”


For this month’s challenge, I invite you to consider passion, as either a subject matter or as an emotional state for inspiration. Much has been written about the importance of passion as motivation for our creativity. However I sometimes wonder if writing about passion is something like dancing about architecture… Perhaps for this challenge we turn off our analytical minds and we just feel what passion means to us, and paint! Or better yet, we put on some music, channel a state of passion and pick up that brush!

It is my hope that this challenge will inspire those who work more intuitively, as well as those who work conceptually or intellectually. Either way, consider how the elements of design and composition can be used to express or harness your passion. Anything is possible!

For inspiration, check out Flora Bowley having fun in her studio.

Please submit your work to artgroupchemainus@gmail.com by February 23rd for discussion at our Zoom Meeting on February 24th.

And here are the submissions for February's challenge: Passion.

Douglas Anderson

Two Passions

Watercolour and printed music

Natasha Baronas


Leslie Baronas


Untitled Peace

Leslie Baronas



Leslie Baronas


Affairs of the Heart

Astrid Notte


Lauren Spillsbury


Rodin's Lunch

Joanie Winnitoy


Invictus 40" X 34"

Heather J. Kent

Watercolour for Stop Motion



Alison J. Millward

Mixed Medium

Jetta Sobie


Brenda Grice

Mixed Medium

Fire Rooster

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