January's Challenge: Once and Forever

The greek philosopher Heraclitus said “no man ever steps into the same river twice, for it is not the same river and he is not the same man”.

For our first challenge of 2021 we will consider the concept of time in art. You might be inspired by the concept of Once and Forever for your subject matter, or you might be inspired by how time can be expressed through elements of design and composition.

Ideally the elements of design and composition you chose will support your subject matter.

Here are some examples of artist who have used time as a subject matter in their work:



Often time and motion are considered together because our experience of time is marked by movement through space and vice versa. So when we are considering how to express time through elements of design and composition, we look at how to express movement in space.

Here are some links that discuss how to use the elements of design and composition to express time and movement in space.



Here are some artists that I think have managed to successfully accomplish the challenge of capturing a moment of time in their art.




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