Responses to the March Challenge

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

So things sure have changed since we took on this challenge a month ago. Who would have imagined that we would be posting our responses to this challenge on line because meeting in person could be dangerous to our health or the health of other Canadians? At any rate, we are doing our best to stay connected in our community through our art. Here are the responses that I received this month. Thank you to all who participated. I hope that the rest of our Chemainus Art Group community can provide these artists with some feedback.

Thank you, and enjoy.

Initial sketch in coloured pencil
Purple Leaf Plum Tree Branches by Jetta Sobie

layered over initial sketch with pastel pencils, pastel crayons and chalk on sketch paper.
Purple Leaf Plum Tree Branch by Jetta Sobie

This was done is Gwen Spink's workshop. It is acrylic with collage. Three oyster shells (if you can see them) are drawings cut out, pasted on and painted over.
Beach Treasure by Leslie Baronas

This was also done in Gwen Spink's workshop. It is acrylic.
Forest Floor by Leslie Baronas

Water colour and ink pens
I wonder if the wolves know we're sick by Heather Kent

digital image. Mark would like feedback on the perspective and the foam in the wave. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Ocean scene by Mark Hird-Rutter

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