March's Challenge: (un)Natural!

Updated: Mar 25

At this time of the year nature is waking up everywhere and making her presence known to us all. The push and pull between the natural and the unnatural environment (or built environment) has been a subject for artists for many years.

For this month’s challenge, I invite you to consider nature, and/or the built environment, and possibly even the tension between them. Elements of design and composition will be a useful tool for this challenge.

Here are some links for inspiration.

Art and Architecture:

  • Here is an excerpt from Painted Landscapes: Contemporary Views, a new book that showcases the work of a variety of artists observing our built environment.

  • This list is compiled by Dot Art. It is interesting for its diversity in how each artist responds to his/her inspiration of architecture.

  • This is a selection of artists, many of whom are architects themselves, and has been compiled by blogger Jonathan Choe, who also an architect.

  • Colin Taylor is an UK artist inspired by landscapes and nature, but this video documents an interesting project he took on with Simpson Haugh developers to capture in painting the construction of a large building.

Artists inspired by Nature

There are so many artists that fit this description, but I have selected some contemporary artists, some of the classics, and a couple of my favourites.

  • This is a selection of contemporary artists (mostly women) compiled by the magazine Create!

  • I would be remiss if I didn't mention some of these well known artists like Georgia O'Keefe, Claude Monet and Henri Rousseau.

  • Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian photography who captures the tension between nature and industry.

  • This is a video about Andy Goldsworthy. He works entirely with nature as his material and his subject. If his work interests you, there are many other longer videos on his work and his process.

And for a different take on things, here is a link to the UCL exhibit also on the topic of Natural/unnatural Good Luck and enjoy the process! And here are the submissions for March

Jetta Sobie

Mill Maiden

Heather J. Kent


Acrylic 10" X 10"

Lauren Spilsbury



Natasha Baronas


'Urban Roots'

Joanie Winnitoy

'City Scrapers'


12" X 24"

Astrid Notte

Astrid Notte

Astrid Notte

Leslie Baronas

Leslie Baronas

Leslie Baronas

'Twisted and Wracked in Pain'


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