March's Challenge: Unity and Variety

Explore Unity and/or variety in a composition using any of the elements of design.

For this challenge we are using the elements of design that we have been exploring this year; line, texture, colour, value, shape and form. They will be the ingredients for you to play with, when considering Unity and/or Variety in your composition.

The subject of your work is up to you, but if you need some inspiration, you could start with considering how unity and variety are playing a role in your current world as a concept, either aesthetically, socially, or mentally. Or you could work more intuitively by starting with a scribble or a paint splash, and responding by bringing out unity and/or variety.

There is a lot of information about composition in art available on the internet and in art books at the library. I encourage you to do some research on this vast topic BUT be mindful not to get bogged down in the rules and the do’s and the don’ts once you start to put your pencil to paper and play. Trust your intuition. Remember there is no real right and wrong with art. If the rules are slowing you down or becoming the script for your nasty inner critic, try something different. Maybe try to deliberately break the rules, or simply turn your back on your critic and carry on.

Here is a website that I found informative. It starts with a list of composition principles and also includes links for you to learn more about each principle:

Here are two interesting video about Unity and Variety in composition. You will notice that both videos choose a variety of examples that use different design elements to explore Unity and Variety.

Finally, I just want to say how impressed I am by the responses to these challenges; both by those who have bravely and generously submitted your work, and also for those who have participated in the lively and supportive discussions. It is a treat to lead this activity. Thank you all!

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