The Monthly Challenge is Back!

The Monthly Challenge is an invitation to motivate, inspire and stretch your creative potential. It may or may not result in a masterpiece that you can hang on your wall, but it will contribute to a lively discussion about your artwork and how you choose to grapple with the various aspects of each challenge.

Last year we  explored elements of design; line, shape, form, value, colour, and principles of composition;  balance, proportion and scale, variety and unity, movement and rhythm, etc.

We started to notice that elements of design and composition serve to express moods, themes and concepts in our work.  This year we are going to explore how we can use elements of design and composition to express emotions and concepts in our work. 

For example, look at these different painting of cats and notice that the artists are using elements of design and composition to express what a cat means to them. Form and shape with muted colours express the cat as peaceful and serene, flowing lines express the graceful movement of a cat, contrasting colours and centred composition express the intensity of a cat, and finally pattern and spiralling composition express the fancifulness of a cat.  

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