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Mural Mosaic Project 2021

This project is permanently on display at the Chemainus Public Market, 9790 Willow Street, Chemainus, B.C.

Inspired by the whale mural on Galiano Island, the Chemainus Art Group decided to create our own Mural Mosaic over the winter of 2020/21. This method involves many artists creating individual works of art which, when assembled together, contributes to an overall single mural design. 


Using the theme, “Joyful Spring in Chemainus”, 32 participating artists were each given a 12" by 12" square to paint in whatever style and medium they chose. Artists were required to follow instructions for creating one of 3 types of square; either a bold vibrant square with lots of reds; a light, muted contrasting square; or most difficult, a square that included sections of both light and bold, following a guideline based on the overall design.  


The rest was left to serendipity and passion. The design work began in January, and by the end of March, artists submitted their completed work. As you can see, the recipe was a success! The full assemblage creates a vibrant, colourful 4’ x 8’ mural. 


This project helped us work (and play) at a distance together as a small community of dedicated artists to share time, creativity and amazing talents with each other.  We all gained from contributing to this creation during this tough winter of COVID.  Now our art group wants to share our fun with the greater community!

Please click on any image to view larger and see information on artist, title, medium etc.

Here are some images of how the mural was put together to display in the Chemainus Public Library. Please click on image to see them in full screen. 

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